This is an UnTresor tag!

But don't stop reading. We would like to know a couple of things to build net. If you don't mind:

This is the tag code on the product. If you have read the QR with your phone it should be already set, otherwise please enter it manually.

We need to know where you are. No, we are not coming to give a hug, but we do want to know how far this product has gone, and its creator will also want to. You can locate yourself in the map or allow us to query your device for it's location by clicking on the "Locate me" button bellow and accepting on the message that will pop up. Thnak you!

You can also drag the pin on the map to your location. Drag the map to center it and click on the '+' and '-' buttons to get closer or further.

We are asking for your email so you can come back and check all the nice info we have of this product. We are not going to do any kind of commercial use of it, neither we are going to sell it to third parties.

Great! Finally, a note to yourself. Something to remember where you bought this product or who gave it to you...